Saturdays, Lunch-time Accoustic

Danny Hollis brings a soft acoustic mix of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s every Saturday during brunch and lunch.


Super-talented songwriter, Heather Little. Did you know she wrote Miranda Lambert’s hit, Gunpowder & Lead?


Ironhorse Festival & other fun events

If there’s a festival in town, be sure to check out the family-fun music going on next door, at La Waffalata. 


Blessed to have been a place where talented artists stop along the way. You may recognize some of them from American Idol, The Voice, and CMA Award Shows. Jeffrey Allen, Kacey Musgraves, Trevor Douglas, Jenna Rose, Ria Raj, Rudi Aliza, Dallas Wade, Cole Wilkinson, Kyle Austin Davis, Marcella, Remington… Here’s Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year, (2012) Pauline Reese.

Pauline Reese 2